Patrika Foundation


The challenges of the 21st century are complex- necessitating intense deep dives and long-term sustainable solutions. Patrika foundation is a vertical inside Patrika Group working towards a goal of affecting adaptable and systemic solutions through an emphasis on the principles of ‘developmental communication.’ The Foundation believes that solutions in today’s world need to be at-scale, and ones which can be amplified by multi-stakeholder collaborative efforts. Taking forth Patrika’s legacy of building campaigns for social change, the Foundation gives itself the mandate of ‘amplifying impact through synergies’.

At Patrika Foundation, we believe that most solutions ought to be bottom-up and demand-driven. Our commitment lies in rethinking the status quo for the better and creating more inclusive narratives that generally do not find place in the mainstream discourse. The Foundation hopes to carve for itself a niche at the intersection of media and public policy in pursuit of the larger, common good.

Our Journey

the media has an expanded responsibility towards its readership and the minds it impacts or hopes to impact. The normative role of the media places it as the facilitator of four elemental rights- the right to information, the right to experience, right to knowledge and right to participation.

Based on this prerogative, Patrika has been at the helm of several media-led impact campaigns in the broad domains of democracy, urbanization, gender, environment, health and education totaling to over 70 campaigns. These campaigns have been precipitated on the tenets of multi-stakeholder collaboration, mass citizen connect and articulation of community-led demand of policy intervention.

Patrika Foundation in its work going forward is deeply informed by the vision of Patrika’s legacy of social impact and the learnings derived from its ventures into multiple policy domains. The following campaigns become the bedrock of our present and future efforts towards sustainable development.