Jaago Janmat

Jaago Janmat

is our umbrella campaign in democracy. Jaago Janmat gives itself the mandate of catalyzing a virtuous cycle to strengthen three key tenets of a democratic polity.

Strong Systems

Strengthening the systemic underpinnings of a democracy necessitates twin focus on infusing fresh life into democratic processes and governance structures.

Strong systems have the intended impact of catalyzing positive changes on the following thematic areas:

Political Socialization- Creating an informed electorate with an expanded choice and understanding of political processes, functionalities and powers of public offices that surround them.

Political contestation and leadership- Creating a pool of progressive public leadership that is systematically prospected, trained and linked to facilitative leadership resources.

Collective visioning- Creating an ‘open’ democracy and an engaged electorate requires innovative means of affecting citizen control of agenda.

Good Governance- Creating innovative and citizen-centric governance interventions to reimagine various pillars of the government machinery.

Strong Community

Democratic systems are predicated on the will and strength of communities they represent. Intersectional community identities add vibrancy and diversity to the polity in which they operate, provided inter and intra-group interactions are operated on democratic principles.

Strengthening communities have the intended impact of catalyzing positive changes on the following thematic areas:

Inclusive Growth- Creating a democratic reality where more people share in common goods and rewards through equitable access and empowered grassroots leadership.

Sustainable Development- Creating measurable actions towards the targeted, localized achievement of sustainable development priorities.

Strong People

The democratic project is fundamentally predicated on people or the demos as the sovereign. To strengthen minds and perceptions towards democratic values is the key towards ensuring its sustainability.

The intended impact of strengthening people as the bedrock of democracy is to ignite their civic duty and their capacities to act as self-governing agents of democracy.

Current Projects

Changemakers 2.0

While there exists a huge vacancy for public leadership positions in the country, there exists no systematic process of prospecting, training and incubating aspiring leaders.

Grassroots leaders often lack the resources and visibility required to make their mark in public imagination and public offices of the country. The campaign hopes to create a class of citizen leaders who aspire to shape the country’s sustainable growth. Beginning from its pilot in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Patrika’s Changemakers campaign hopes to set a precedent which inspires the next generation of progressive leaders in the country.

Democracy ki Pathshala

An initiative on political socialization, Democracy ki Pathshala is an effort towards facilitating political literacy among the citizenry through mass media channels. The campaign hopes to:

  • Remove information asymmetry in terms of conceptual know-how of the masses about the country’s governance-the aim being to raise the general threshold of political awareness of the masses that goes beyond topical news.
  • Repackage and simplify concepts and tenets of political science beyond their conventional textual setting and making them comprehensible to the common citizen.
  • Grant greater visibility to political science scholars, domain experts and policy professionals to aid the translation of their expertise to the grassroots.