Gender-targeted and gender-sensitive interventions examine and promote the reduction of harmful gender norms and inequalities that weigh differently on different genders and sexual minorities. While adopting a gender lens is essential in all processes of policy formulation and implementation, targeted media-led campaigns that keep gender as the focal point are the need of the hour.

Where it all began

Discrimination against a girl child at every stage of her life is a cause of serious concern. Incidences of female infants abandoned on roadsides, found in ditches, or buried alive, regularly grab headlines. Atrocities against minor girls are also on the rise. It’s unfortunate that despite millions being spent on developmental funds towards girl child welfare, census findings on gender remain dismal. A heartening reality is that the media has displayed increased sensitization to these issues and is performing its role in giving greater visibility to the rights of the girl child. At the same time, positive stories of women and girls breaking centuries-old traditions and performing funeral rites or being anointed as inheritor of the father’s property have begun to be reported with increased frequency. Several campaigns were launched by Rajasthan Patrika to cover diverse angles of the issue and cover different problem areas.

Our target areas

Pride in the girl-child

Female Foeticide
Empowering Mothers

How the campaign took shape?

Bitiya Bachao was Patrika’s umbrella campaign to empower the girl child, change gender unjust public opinion and condemn female foeticide. Its sub-campaigns were:

  • Kanya Bhroon Hatya Kalank - Condemning Female Foeticide
  • Betiyaan Nahi Kamtar - Highlighting achievements of daughters Edition - Ajmer- Kishangarh
  • Bitiya Bachao - addressing female foeticide Edition - Ajmer, Bhilwara, Jaisalmer, Shrimadhopur (Sikar Edition), Sikar, Udaipur, Raipur
  • Beti Par Karo Abhimaan- Take pride in having daughters Edition - Ajmer
  • Kaain Tharo Karyo Kasoor- Plight of unborn girls Edition - Hanumangarh
  • Vanshalika Betiyaan - Daughters as supports to family and legitimate heirs to paternal property. Edition - Kuchamancity and Parbatsaar (Ajmer), Jodhpur, Tonk, Karauli, Kishangarh and Beawar (Ajmer edition), Indore
  • 2 Daughter ( 2D )- Connecting parents of 2 Daughters Edition - Jodhpur
  • Beti Aai, Lakshmi Laai- Empowering mothers of newborn girls

Our impact story:

Addition of an eighth vow to the Hindu wadding custom of ’Saat vachan’ to not practice sex determination found immense popularity in Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh


Women in Munwada, Sikar formed a vigilante group to celebrate the birth of a girl-child in their community to ensure prevention of female infanticide